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日 時 平成29年 3月14日(火)
場 所 九州工業大学 戸畑キャンパス/飯塚キャンパス、その他
Tobata Campus, Iizuka Campus
内 容 平成29年3月14日(火)から3月25日(土)の約2週間、マレーシアプトラ大学(UPM)の学生19名が、大学間相互協定に基づいたモビリティ・プログラムで、本学を訪問しました(平成28年度第5陣)。
19 students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Kyutech from March 14th to 25th, 2017, as a mobility program between Kyutech and UPM.
参加学生は、超伝導体による永久磁石の浮上実験(小田部荘司大学院情報工学研究院教授)、超伝導に関する講義(Alok Jha大学院工学研究院助教)、熱放射による熱伝導についての講義(Laurent Tranchant大学院工学研究院特任助教)を受講し、研究室訪問においてレーザーフォーミング(北村貴典大学院工学研究院准教授)や小型人工衛星(金相均宇宙環境技術ラボラトリー助教)の研究について説明を受け、九工大ならではの学習を体験しました。
Through this program they took classes and laboratory tours offered by Kyutech professors. These include lectures and an experiment on superconductivity by Prof. Otabe (Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering) and also by Dr. Jha (Factulty of Engineering) and on heat transfer by Dr. Tranchant (Factulty of Engineering). In the laboratory tours, they also got lectures on laser forming by Assoc. Prof. Kitamura (Factulty of Engineering) and on small satellites by Assist. Prof. Kim(Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Intereaction Engineering).
They also attended workshops on sustainability offered by Learning & Teaching Center and a lecture on Kitakyushu city’s global warming measures by Environmental Bureau of Kitakyushu city. Students visited Eco-town Center, Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd., and Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. as well.
Participants were able to experience Japanese culture through Japanese classes, interaction with Kyutech buddies, and Japanese traditional games taught by GCL student staffs at Iizuka campus.

1. 超伝導体による永久磁石の浮上実験
1. Experiment on superconductivity

2. Lecture on superconductivity

3. Lecture on heat transfer

4. Explanation on laser forming

5. 人工衛星に関する研究紹介
5. Presentation about small satellites

6. Sustainability workshop

7. 工場見学
7. Factory tour (Eco-town)

8. Kokura activity with Kyutech buddies

9.Experience of Japanese culture
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