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KyutechiART Program



Service Relay Robots introduced

Relay is an autonomous delivery robot developed by Savioke, Inc. of the United States that transports goods from person to person.
In the second half of the current fiscal year, we plan to conduct a pilot project (practical exercises) on a trial basis and create a curriculum that allows students to learn about business schemes such as robot development and operations through regular meetings with Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke Inc. who was invited to participate in Regional Revitalization Project.
iART program students have to take this course.

Regional Revitalization Project. (Kyushu Institute of Technology in cooperation with the City of Kitakyushu, Yaskawa Electric Corporation and the Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology.)

As part of the Regional Revitalization Project, we invited top engineers or researchers joining the project to realize a productivity revolution in manufacturing companies using innovative robot technology. As pictures, Mr. Steve Cousins the founder and CEO of Savioke Inc. and Prof. Rolf Pfeifer gave the lecture to 3campuses of Kyutech students on 25-27 September, 2019.

International Exchange

Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) has already signed an agreement with the National University of Putra Malaysia (UPM), and since the establishment of the overseas education and research center "MSSC" in April 2013, we have established the Global Engineer Training Course (GE Course), a six-year integrated education program, and are actively engaged in this program, offering around 100 temporary staffing and exchange programs each year.
Prior to the establishment of the GE course, the Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering established the Global Informatics Leaders' Course to train information technology engineers who can work internationally. In addition, a course-module system (14 courses and 43 modules) was introduced in the Master's Program to provide a systematic guideline for students to take courses as a distinctive feature of the Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering. In particular, the project based demand creation course has made a technical contribution to the region by working to solve problems in cooperation with other organizations such as companies and local governments.

Interaction with Thai

Kyutech has a history of the interaction with university in Thailand for more than 10 years. Now, Kyutech has more than 10 partners and conducts various exchange programs and joint research with them. Many Thai students from the partner universities have enrolled Kyutech for the post graduate courses.  Aforementioned universities, we accept about 6-9 students every year for two months, between April to August. And we also send students to King Mongkut's University Technology of North Bangkok and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Latkrabang for 10 days. In addition, Kyutech has established Bangkok office in 2019 with the objective of expanding cooperation in various area.

Exchange Program with Malaysia

Kyutech has an overseas education and research center, the MSSC, at UPM, and holds a joint symposium with UPM every year to promote active exchange. In 2019 MOU was concluded with the Multimedia University and first students exchange program took place in November in the same year.

Exchange Program with City college of New York

Kyutech and City College of New York/City University of New York(CCNY/CUNY) organizes the symposium every year and we also send students to CCNY and CUNY to attend lecture on short term visit program.

Exchange program with University of Salento (Italy)

Kyutech is collaborating with the University of Salento (Italy) and a vineyard to conduct research on automated equipment for grape harvesting and soil surveys by doctoral students. In addition, we send 8 students every year on a short-term visit program to attend lectures and workshops on vineyard research.