Department of Systems Design and Informatics

Department of Systems Design and Informatics
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Department of Systems Design and Informatics

The objective of our research is to "create totally innovative systems"

Department features

The Department of Systems Design and Informatics aims to produce engineers who can design systems based on information science. In order to build advanced systems used in modern society, such as robots and vehicles, it is important not only to learn technologies but also to combine various elemental technologies for application. This is the ability of systems design.

At the Department of Systems Design and Informatics, the students learn the basics of information science, and foundation engineering of control, mathematics and physics from the theoretical and practical aspects. In parallel with these, the students acquire applied skills to create systems through design education programs, which are the features of the department.

The Department of Systems Design and Informatics welcomes students who have a strong interest in information technologies and science, and relations between technologies and human beings, society and nature.


The curriculum for the Department of Systems Design and Informatics focuses on “Innovative Creation Training.” “Innovative Creation Training” is an educational method for training students to acquire the practical skills to solve unknown problems that they may face in the real world in the future, not the mere mastery of knowledge and techniques. By working on realistic tasks and projects through PBL/, Problem-Based Learning, students will obtain the following practical abilities:

•Problem Finding (The abilities for task analysis and problem finding)

•Problem Solving (The ability to solve real problems by applying knowledge and skills)

•Communication to accurately convey ideas and opinions

•Team spirit for collective problem-solving

The courses for the innovative creation training are “Monozukuri” Creative Laboratory (1st semester), Fundamental Project (1st semester), Simulation Physics (3rd semester), Fundamental Experiments (4th semester), Systems Design and Informatics Project I, II and III (5th and 6th semesters), Super PBL Project S (6th semester), and Advanced Project of Systems Design and Informatics (7th semester). This thorough innovative creation training from freshmen year to senior year is very unique, and is not offered in any other departments, schools, or universities in Japan.


To provide such a unique curriculum, our faculty members cover a very wide range of research. The areas of research conducted by our faculty members may be categorized into the following four areas: “Information Mathematics”, covering information science and mathematical science; “Information Physics”, dealing with electronic circuits, signal processing, and optical technology; “Control Information Systems” of control technology; and “System Integration” which creates systems combining component technologies. Students in this department can deeply acquire broad knowledge through guidance and instruction by the specialists from each area. They also have a choice of numerous research topics among a variety of areas.

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