Department of Computer Science and Electronics

Department of Computer Science and Electronics
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Department of Computer Science and Electronics

Hardware and software, become elite specialists.

Department Features

Computer science and electronics is an interdisciplinary area of three fields.
“electronics”, “computers and LSI” and “network systems”.
The Department of Computer Science and Electronics provides advanced education and research on electronics and information technologies, and consists of electronics to study semiconductors and electronics circuits, computer engineering to study computer principles and applied technologies, and information and communication engineering to study Internet and mobile phones.
The Department of Computer Science and Electronics is the best place for students who have a keen interest in cutting-edge science and technologies, and find problems and solve them logically. Imagine your future and dream to be realized.
Computer science and electronics is a key to realize your dream and stimulate your intellectual curiosity.


The curriculum is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles in the three-pillar disciplines; electronics engineering, computer engineering and telecommunication engineering. It starts with electromagnetics and electronic circuits, and advances to cutting-edge technologies, ranging over information processing with workstations, LSI design and production, solar cells, optical communication, superconductivity, and Internet technologies. It is aimed at fostering next-generation engineers who will create advanced information systems, and offers practical skill training that enables students to flexibly adapt themselves to the future information society. The curriculum primarily includes "Basic Informatics", "Natural Sciences" "Advanced Informatics", and "Applied Informatics" and is designed for students to master electronics engineering, computer science, and communication engineering manageably within 4 years by taking a well-balanced number of subjects from those areas of study.


The research areas of our faculty members include superconductivity engineering, organic electronics, electronic materials, magneto-optic modular components, power circuits for electro-communications, LSI devices, semiconductor processing, logic design, VLSI design and testing, parallel algorithms, multimedia, databases, computer networks, Internet, information networks, digital signal processing, and laser measurement systems.
From basic research explaining various phenomena to the application and development of devices, diverse areas and levels of researches are being conducted, and these findings and results are being applied, such as in televisions, cell phones, PCs, car navigation systems, ATM systems, aircraft, communications satellites, and many others.
Computer Science and Electronics covers areas as diverse as consumer electronics and the space station, as well as global information systems such as the Internet.

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