flow until entrance

flow until entrance

Application Procedures for Admission to Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering of Kyutech

Finding a potential supervisor

Search a potential supervisor who conducts research in a specific field you are interested in on the Kyutech website.

Contacting the potential supervisor

Contact the surervisor or the university admissions office by e-mail to discuss opportunities for you to participate in the laboratory. In your e-mail, please include your academic backgrounds and your research topics.

Arranging a meeting with the potential supervisor

Before applying for admission to Kyutech, please discuss fully with the supervisor to see if your research topics correspond to the supervisory competences. You can meet your potential supervisor at academic conferences or, in some cases, you may have an interview with the supervisor on the internet.

Registering for the admissions test

Registration Periods:

    May-June or December-January ( April enrollment ). May-June ( October enrollment ).
    You can check the details on the Kyutech website.
    You can register for the admissions test from abroad in either of the following two ways.

    (1) From within Japan: We accept proxy registration. Ask an acquaintance living in Japan to register for the test on your behalf.
    (2) From outside Japan: Pay admissions test fees with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, MUFG, DC, UFJ or NICOS) from the Internet settlement site (http://e-apply.jp/e/kyutech/) or by Internet payment of China UnionPay Settlement, point out "Payment Completion Notice," and submit it together with application ducuments.

*Admissions Test Fees: 30,000 yen

*Japanese Government Scholarship Students do not need to pay for the admissions test.

Taking the admissions test

You need to take the admissions test at the Kyutech IIZUKA Campus or have an online interview. Please discuss with your prospective supervisor (cf. 2, 3) the best possible way to take the test.

Announcement of test results

The test results will be announced on the Kyutech website.

Admissions Procedure

Once you are accepted, you need to complete the admissions procedure.
Admission Fee: 282,000yen (Apart from this, you need to pay tuition fees of 535,800 yen per year.)
*Japanese Government Scholarship Students do not need to pay the admission fee nor the tuition fees.
All or part of the admission fee and of the tuition fees can be waived upon application.
However, application for fee exemptions may sometimes be disapproved due to your admissions test results, poor academic achievements and personal finance.

Applying for a visa

Before landing in Japan, you need to obtain a visa. The university admissions office will assist with your visa application.

Enrollment in Kyutech

After completing all the above procedures, you will be enrolled as a Kyutech student.

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