Simple Oscilloscope by using Arduino

Simple Oscilloscope by using Arduino
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Simple Oscilloscope by using Arduino

Arduino  簡易オシロスコープ

We made Simple Oscilloscope by using Arduino and PC. Let’s enjoy electronics life with Kyutech Arduino Scope. It is very easy. Just prepare Arduino, resistors and capacitors, and download softwares of Arduino and PC, you can enjoy! Processing is used for user-interface program for PC.
Operation Guide(PDF version)

Setting panel



Wave display panel



Operation panel



Circuit for Arduino




Real time sampling rate: 50 k sample per second (non-DUAL mode)
Equivalent time sampling rate: 1M sample per second (non-DUAL mode)
Chanel: CH1/CH2
Trigger: CH1/CH2/EXT
Rising edge/Falling edge
Input signal: 0 – 5 V DC
Time axis: 1micro sec/div – 5 sec/div
Etc.: FFT function
Generation of Rectangular wave
Support Arduino: Arduino with ATmega328 (5V, 16MHz) e.g.
Uno/ Duemilanove/ Nano etc.

Download and running procedure

  • Download the archive. Extract it and get programs for Arduino and Processing.
  • Prepare electric circuit for Arduino.
  • Connect PC and Arduino by USB cable.
  • Upload sketch(program) to Arduino.
  • Run Processing program.
  • Have a fun!!
Download the archive here


Release Notes

v0.75  Mar 06, 2023  adapted to fit Processing-4.2
v0.74  Oct 28, 2021  adapted to Processing-4.0b2
v0.73  Apr 10, 2019  adapted to Arduino-1.8.9
v0.72  Mar 20, 2016  adapted to Arduino-1.6.8
v0.70  Oct 07, 2015  adapted to Processing-3.0
    new features: ac/dc coupling ui, screen capture
    some improvements and bug fixes
v0.52  Feb 22, 2013  to fit Processing-2.0b7
v0.51  Oct 29, 2012  bugfix
v0.50  Mar 20, 2012  1st release